Playing Hours

Adults/Juniors:   7 AM – 11 PM Daily
Platinum Members:   Weekdays Only:  8 AM – 4 PM

a)     Go to on your browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer).
b)     Click on “Gigasports Log On Link” found in the top right corner of the screen.
c)     Enter your User Name and Password, and click “Log On”.
d)     If this is your first visit, read and agree to the Privacy Statement, and confirm your email address (this only appears the first time).
e)     The online booking screen appears.  Click “Court Bookings”.
f)      Select the DAY you wish to advance book and click that day.
g)     Scroll down to your choice of the TIME of day you wish to play.  On an available court, click the word “Book”.
h)     Your Edit screen opens, showing the court #, date and time selected.
i)      Next is DURATION of play.  It indicates the maximum of time available.  Maximum is 120 minutes, points permitting. for singles or doubles.  Default is 120 minutes in both cases.
j)      Change the DURATION to the desired setting.
k)     Next are the fields for NAMES, with your name already in place.
l)      Begin typing the names of the other players in their fields.  Name drop-downs will assist you and you can click the name of choice.  Repeat for all players.   Courts cannot be “held”, they must be booked immediately with 2 or 4 names only.
m)    Finally, click SAVE.
n)     The booking screen for that day reappears and your booking is shown.  An email is automatically sent out to all players confirming the booking.
o)     Please note that there may only be 2 or 4 players per court, other players cannot be rotated in to a court.
p)     In the event that you cannot make your booking, please cancel it.  Players who book and do not show are abusing their booking privileges.  Repeat violators will have their booking privileges revoked.
q)     It is the member’s responsibility to verify that the booking is correct.  In the event of a dispute, the listing on the computer will stand.
r)     Members have 10 minutes after the hour to occupy their court. After the 10 minute grace period, it becomes an open court.

# 2   POINTS:  2 points per person for singles per hour, and 1 point per person for doubles per hour.
a)     Four points per week are allocated to each member.  A week is a rolling week.
b)     Bookings open up 6 days in advance at 7AM each day.
c)     Courts must be booked by a member of the playing group.
d)     No use of another member’s name is permitted when that member will not be playing at the time booked.
e)    Substitutions are only permitted by doubles groups playing regularly scheduled games.
f)     Substitutions are not permitted under any circumstance in singles play. In the event a player cannot attend a booked time, the court must be cancelled.
g)    Members may have up to 2 hours of booked play per day. In the event court time is booked past the daily 2 hour limit, the violator will have their booking privileges revoked.

# 3  JUNIORS:  Children under 14 years of age shall not be allowed into the Club at any time unless accompanied and constantly supervised by an adult.
# 4  GUESTS:  Guests are defined as non-members.  No guests are permitted to be on the courts at any time.

# 5 OPEN COURT TIME (Same Day Booking):  No points charged (free courts during your allotted playing time)

a)     All same day bookings must be made in person by signing the Same Day Bookings Sheet.

b)     You may not prebook later times.

c)     A walk-in member has priority if they are not booked to play in the next time slot.

d)      One person may not hold a court, it must be playable by 2 or 4 players.

e)     Members waiting for the next time slot have priority over members already using the court.

f)     Members already playing for one hour may only book open court time for another hour, ten minutes after the hour on of the next booking period if nobody shows up..

g)     Members may remain on an unbooked court after playing their 2 hour daily maximum, but may not book it.  They must vacate the court immediately if another member appears and books that time.

h)     A member may play on booked open court time, one non-consecutive hour at a time, up to the maximum of 2 hours booked per day.(2 Hour Maximum Includes Prebooked Court Time).

i)     Members playing in the time slot after open time may sign in for the open court if they are not booked for the next 2 hour period.

# 6    BALLS: A maximum of 6 balls can be used on a court when the other court is in use.
# 7    REFUNDS:  Membership refunds will only be granted before September 1st of the current membership year.  Refund will be granted minus a $50.00 non refundable administrative fee.  For a full FOB Refund, the FOB must be returned on the same day of the member withdrawal date.

a)     Smoking, alcoholic beverages and pets are not allowed inside the Clubhouse or inside the bubble.
b)     The use of tennis racquets and balls inside the Clubhouse is forbidden.
c)     Do not hit balls or raquets against the clubhouse or bubble membrane. These surfaces are not to be used as a backboard.
d)     Vandalism, defacing, or any other willful damage to the courts, the Clubhouse, lights, or any ancillary equipment can result in immediate termination of membership.

#9    It is unacceptable for Members to abuse, bully, harass, or defame, one another, any Board Members, visitors, or the general public, within the vicinity of the Bubble Tennis Club, and this will not be tolerated. Members are encouraged to submit a complaint to the Board if subject or witness to, any abuse, harassment, or defamation.


a)  Any violation of Club Rules may result in suspension of Membership, and/or expulsion from the Bubble Tennis Club, at the discretion of the Board.

b)  A second violation will result in termination of membership.

c)  Notice of suspension shall be in writing, and will be presented by the Board.

d)  A person who is suspended, or who has had his/her application rejected, may appeal, in writing, to any member of the Executive within ten days of the notification of the suspension/rejection.

e)  An appeal shall be reviewed by the Board where a final decision shall be made. The said decision shall then be presented, in writing, to the person or persons involved by the

f)  Any suspensions will not result in a refund of fees.

OTHER POLICIES AND RULES: Bubble Tennis Club reserves the right to adopt other policies and rules from time to time. Members shall be required to comply with them when they are published by BTC or the member receives other notice of them.

AMENDMENTS: BTC policies and rules may be amended from time to time at the Buble Tennis Club’s discretion. Members shall be required to comply with them when they are published by Bubble Tennis Clubs or the member receives other notice of them.