How to Book a Court

Booking a Court on GigaSport

  1. Go to  and login with your username and password
  2. Make sure you are on the “Booking Screen” (usually login default)
  3. Click on the tab representing the day you wish to play:
  5. When the time displayed is exactly 7:00am refresh the screen and click on the word “book” for the time period and court of your choice: 
  6. If you are the first to select the slot, the following screen will open with your name in the first position, a default of 2 hours duration (if available) and place to enter 1-3 additional players (singles vs doubles). Begin to type name of each player and a drop-down list will  appear of matching members for your selection:
  7. When you have entered all players, check/alter “Duration” and then click on “SAVE”. Email will be generated to your fellow players automatically by GigaSport.
  8. A summary of courts booked by you will appear at the top of your booking screen. Click the “pencil image to edit (change players) or cancel your booking: