Friday League

This year’s Friday Night Adult & Junior League will kick-off on Oct 27th

The Junior League is played from 6:00-7:00pm. For information contact 

For information about the Adult League please contact Scott Myers at

It was great seeing everyone out last Friday, and looking forward to having Team 5 play its first round this week.  Please see the link here for updated team rosters and schedule.

Give your strings a rest this Friday (Nov 3).  We will have demo racquets provided by Just Tennis (#shoplocal) this week for you to try out.
Our balls are fresh and plenty, and the 2nd group last week decided that they didn’t need to open a new can because there was plenty of bounce left in the first set.  Going forward, the first group will just provide hand-me-downs to the 2nd group.  This means that our ball budget will have a surplus, so we’ll decide as a group what to do with the extra money – it could be a refund, go to a social event such as year-end pizza,  go to the Club or other charitable donation.  For the time being, we’ll still ask for the $70 for those who haven’t yet paid.  We’ll still have the policy of having one of the players in the group keep the balls at the end of the night.
A reminder that if you cannot make your time slot, spares should be found within the Primary players first.
1 2 3 4 5
Alana Alty Luke Riddell Derek Lynn Johannes Vloothuis Laurie Myers
Bill McManus Sherry Bren Kelly Gleeson Harlem Tingzon David Morris
Maria Strelbisky Levent Erden Shea Hewitt Susan O’Neill Mohammed Zahir
Mike Strelbisky Lori Wallace Peter Marie Huidong Song Scott Myers
Nov 10
7 – 8:30 8:30-10
3 5
4 1

Nov 17
7 – 8:30 8:30-10
5 2
3 1
Nov 24
7 – 8:30 8:30-10
2 4
1 5
Dec 1
7 – 8:30 8:30-10
1 2
3 4
Dec 8
7 – 8:30 8:30-10
4 3
2 5
Alana Alty Primary
Bill McManus Primary
David Morris Primary
Derek Lynn Primary
Harlem Tingzon Primary
Johannes Vloothuis Primary
Kelly Gleeson Primary
Laurie Myers Primary
Levent Erden Primary
Lori Wallace Primary
Luke Riddell Primary
Maria Strelbisky Primary
Mike Strelbisky Primary
Mohammed Zahir Primary
Peter Marie Primary
Scott Myers Primary
Shae Hewitt Primary
Sherry Bren Primary
Susan O’Neill Primary
Alma Kirstein Spare
Chuck Teilinger Spare
Joan Haworth Spare
Joe Ferreira Spare
Jun Liu Spare
Keving Islip Spare
Mike Rusic Spare
Noel Agellon Spare
Pat Sjostrom Spare
Sasha Curgus Spare
Wendy Woolmore Spare
Huidong Song TBC