Bubble Tennis Club


Section 1.0 Edition and Timing

This edition of the Constitution is dated May 20, 2015 and supersedes all previous editions/versions and rules/regulations.


Section 2.0 Amendments and/or changes to the Constitution

All proposed amendments/changes to the Constitution must be mailed to the members, at least two weeks prior to a General Meeting, at which the proposals will be discussed and voted on. A simple majority will be necessary to pass the proposals.


Section 3.0 The Organization.

The Bubble Tennis Club is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated under Letters Patent on May 26 1978 as a Corporation without share capital.


Section 4.0 Purpose.

The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for its members, to play winter tennis on two courts in the city of Burlington.


Section 5.0 Governance.

  1. The club will be governed by a Board of Directors (The Executive).
  2. The Board consists of a President and up to a maximum of nine additional                                               Directors, to ensure effective operation of the Bubble Tennis Club.
  3. All members of the Board are elected for one year and must be members-in-                                                    good- standing.
  4. The election will be held during a general meeting. Nominations must be in

writing and given 30 days or greater before the meeting. Notice of the general

meeting must be given in writing, at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

  1. A quorum of at least twenty (20) members-in-good-standing (including proxies) is required to constitute a valid General Meeting.
  2. All members-in-good-standing are eligible to vote. Students are not eligible to vote.
  3. The Board of Directors will meet throughout the year, as deemed necessary by them. A quorum of at least six (6) Directors is required to constitute a valid Board meeting.


Section 6.0 Legal & Financial affairs.

  1. The Board is authorized to make expenditures for the purpose of operating the

club, including the maintenance of the clubhouse, bubble, and other equipment, and for all the day-to-day expenses.

  1. The Board will establish and maintain a fund for the eventual replacement of the bubble, HVAC and other capital assets.
  2. The club will carry liability insurance of at least two million dollars ($ 2,000,000).


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  1. All expenditures will be financed through membership fees, as determined by the Board.


  1. One or more bank accounts will be maintained for the club’s financial transactions. Signing authority therefore will be granted to the Treasurer and one or two other Directors.
  2. Funds deemed by the Board to be in excess of current requirements, maybe invested in deposit certificates issued by Canadian banks.
  3. The Treasurer will prepare and present at each annual meeting, financial reports, Balance Sheet, Statement of Receipts and Expenses and Reconciliation of Cash Balances. These reports will be submitted to a licensed accounting firm for audit.


Section 7.0 Hierarchy of the Constitution and the Operating Rules.

The Board of Directors will issue Operating Rules for the effective operation of the Club.


Section 8.0 Membership limitations.

The membership of the Bubble Tennis Club is primarily limited to Burlington residents only.


Section 9.0 Membership classes.

The Board may create two or more types of membership with different fees and playing times. A reduced fee may be offered to ‘students’, defined as individuals 10 to 18 years old at the end of the current registration year and registered full time at an educational institution.
The Board may limit the number of members in each type of membership.


Section 10.0 Medical Leave.

  1. Members who suffer medical disabilities may defer playing-membership, upon payment of a (small) non-refundable “Medical Leave” fee.
  2. The “Medical Leave” fee will ensure a membership-in-good-standing for a period of two (2) years.


Section 11.0 Free memberships.

No free memberships will be granted.


Section 12.0 Renewal for current members.

  1. Each year, the Board of Directors will set a “Renewal Day”, which will be the

dead-line for membership renewals.

  1. All members who register up to and including the renewal day, are assured of their member ship status and existing membership class.
  2. Each membership class may have a waiting list (of members who want to change to a different class).



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  1. After “Renewal Day”, the Board will review membership in each class and (when openings exist) invite waiting members to change their classifications, before any new members are considered.


Section 13.0 Filling of vacancies from the Waiting-List

  1. Any vacancies existing after “Renewal Day” will be filled from the Waiting List

of potential new members.

  1. Under special circumstances, the Board may determine that a person could join the club (regardless of any vacancies).


Section 14.0 Closing, disbanding and liquidating of the Bubble Tennis Club.

  1. The Board of Directors must call a special general meeting, if and when it has received a petition to close & disband the organization. This petition must include the reasons and has to be signed by at least fifteen(15) members-in-good-standing. 
Notice of the special meeting will be given in writing, at least 4 weeks before the meeting.
  2. The general discussion will be held at that meeting, followed by a secret ballot.
  3. The proposal (petition) will be accepted, if at least sixty percent (60%) of the members-in-good-standing – at the meeting- vote in the affirmative.
  4. The Board of Directors is thereby required to close, disband and liquidate the Bubble Tennis Club.
  5. All assets remaining after the cost of closing & disbanding the organization- will be donated to Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital.






















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