Code Of Conduct

We strive to preserve a pleasant and respectful environment both on and off the court, so that all members can use and enjoy the club’s facilities to the fullest extent. The highest level of sportsmanship, courtesy, respect for others, and fair play is expected. The following are expectations to which all Bubble Tennis Club members, guests/visitors, tennis professionals, and parents must adhere:

  • Respect toward others regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation, race, culture or religion.
  • Respect for all Bubble Tennis Club property and facilities, including but not limited to courts, nets, teaching equipment, grooming equipment, furnishings, supplies, and appliances.
  • Inappropriate language and/or aggressive behaviour or any form of bullying will not be tolerated
  • Any statement or behaviour that is reasonable for an individual to interpret as a threat to use physical force that would or could cause injury will not be tolerated and may result in immediate loss of court privileges, removal from the premises and further sanctions described below.
  • Harassment will not be tolerated. Harassment is defined as engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome and may result in immediate loss of court privileges, removal from the premises, and further sanctions described below.

Anyone who fails to follow the Code of Conduct as judged by a majority of the Board of Directors may lose their good standing at The Bubble Tennis Club and be sanctioned. The Board of Directors will at its discretion determine the appropriate sanction(s), which may include but is/are not limited to:

  • Suspension of playing privileges or membership, either for a prescribed period or permanently on such terms as the Board of Directors shall determine and with no refund of fees
  • Corrective action (warning) in writing

Any sanction imposed may be appealed, in writing, to any member of the Board of Directors. The Board’s decision in matters of discipline or policy is final.

A complaint by any member against another member, visitor, guest, parent or tennis professional alleging a failure to follow the Code of Conduct must be made in writing (or email) to the President, or any other member of the Board of Directors, following the Reporting Process shown below.

Complaint/Incident Reporting Process

Any complaint should be made as soon as possible after the incident while the details are still fresh in your mind, and should include the following information:

  • Your name, phone number, email address
  • Date and time of incident
  • Names of any witnesses
  • Name of offender(s)

Full details of the incident including what led up to the incident, who was involved, and the outcome
Date incident report is being submitted