Bubble is Up and Running. Thanks to all Volunteers for helping with Setup.

Singles Ladder
This year the Bubble Tennis club will be starting a singles ladder.  The ladder is open to all members and it is a great way to meet other members. If you are interested in joining the ladder please email Steve Butt at steviebutt@hotmail.com
The deadline to register in order to be ranked in the ladder is November 1st.  After this time you can still join, please see rules under “News” f
Friday Night League:
Friday Night League will kick-off on Oct 27th. If you are interested contact Sasha Curgus for Junior League at The Junior League is played from 6:00-7:00pm. For information contact s.curgus@gmail.com For the Adult League contact  Scott Myers at myers.personal@me.com   For More information Click Friday Night League above (centre)
2017- 18 FEE SCHEDULE – Platinum $385.00 (incl. HST) Full Time/Junior $435.00 (incl. HST). No Additional Court Usage Fee.Non- Burlington Residents: Platinum $410.00 (incl. HST) Full Time/Junior $460.00 (incl. HST). No Additional Court Usage FeeWaiting List Registration The Bubble Tennis Club is at capacity. However, we are accepting individuals to be placed on our waiting list. If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list please select the button below.
Membership is at capacity for this season. Please Click To Join Our Waiting List  Waiting List

The courts are just under 100% usage when walk-on times are factored in.

If you have booked a court and are not able to play, please ensure the court is cancelled at your earliest convenience(even if it’s 1 minute prior to the court time).

Many other members would like the opportunity to either play, or extend their play during that period. 

Our lost and found items can be located on the shelf in the boot room. If you’re missing anything, please check there first.



Scent Free
Many people suffer from various allergies and respiratory distress; perfumes and other products may aggravate their condition. Please do not wear any perfume, cologne, or strongly scented lotion or deodorant
while in the clubhouse or on the tennis courts.

Basic Tennis Court Etiquette Reminders

  1. No food, drinks (other than water and sports drinks) or chewing gum on courts.
  2. Show respect to all players at all times.
  3. Please keep the courts clean by picking up all balls and taking your trash home. Tossing aside aluminum lids is dangerous.
  4. If you need to cross a court that is occupied to access yours, please only cross between points.
  5. Do not retrieve a ball from another court while a point is in progress. Please return other courts balls when on your side.
  • Have fun! The entire objective of playing tennis, aside from being good aerobic exercise, is to have fun. You can follow these rules of etiquette and still have a good time on the courts – the players on adjacent courts will appreciate it.

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